What is iBox?

iBox is where players can send in reports on different issues they wish to enquire about AuditionSEA or Asiasoft Passport. There are various categories in iBox and players must select the correct category based on their request report.

To send an iBox request, first select the correct category based on your inquiry and click on it. Fill in all the required fields in the form and submit it. Please wait patiently for the administrators to reply to your problem and check the email you have used for any further replies.

AuditionSEA related issues
  1. General Enquiry: For general questions about Audition.
    • Select Feedback & Suggestion as the Subject if you wish to provide feedback.
    • Select Abuse Report as the Subject if you wish to report a hacker.
    • Select Account Enquiry as the Subject if you wish to ask about your Account details (e.g. forgotten userID or Password, unable to access account, etc.).
  2. Compromised Account: For issues regarding accounts that have been hacked.
  3. Technical Enquiry: For questions regarding technical problems in Audition.
    • Select Bug Report as the Subject for reports about bugs found in Audition.
    • Select Technical Support as the Subject for questions about technical problems (e.g. unable to download game client, problems in installation, error messages encountered, etc.).

iBox on all matters